Since January 2020, my sister and I have interviewed over 40 incredible guests on our podcast, Thoughts from Limbo.


Thoughts from Limbo is a podcast designed to help you live life better. Join us on our quest to learn from inspirational people who can bring us some of the answers to life’s many questions.

We speak to entrepreneurs, creatives, athletes, academics, thought-leaders, and friends about their career paths, life stories, failures, and successes to prove the world is rife with opportunity, and that the things we often deem impossible may just be, possible.

We help you navigate the messiness of life; a life in limbo.

Some of our amazing guests

Emilie Bellet

Founder at Vestpod


Money, Financial Education, and Why We Need to Invest in Our Futures


Laura Sheehan

Award-Winning Career Coach & Strategist | Motivational Speaker | TEDx


Defying Titles, Pursuing your Passions, and Redefining Success

Bruce Daisley

Former VP EMEA at Twitter, now #1 bestselling author and workplace culture expert


Workplace Culture and Why Resilience is a Red Herring

Shilpa Raj

Author of The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter | Featured in the Netflix Docu-series Daughters of Destiny


Rising Out of Poverty Through Education, Redefining Destiny, and Living Between Two Worlds

Gary Sheng

Forbes 30 Under 30 | Co-Founder and COO at Civics Unplugged


Youth Empowerment, Entrepreneur Mindset, Education and The Impostor Syndrome

Monica Abbott

US Olympian


The Tokyo Olympics, Why Women’s Sports are Important, and Playing Professional Softball

Lady Violet Manners

Co-founder of Akana Collective | Daughter of Duke & Dutches of Rutland 


A Peek Behind the Scenes of Modern-day Bridgerton, Living in Heritage, Creative Pursuits, and Entrepreneurship

Hersh Patel

Forbes 30 Under 30 | Co-founder at Hindsight


Entrepreneurship, Redefining Success and Lifelong Learning

Yasmin Gagne

Associate Editor at Fast Company Magazine 


Work Culture and Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome

Sabinna Rachimova

Founder of the fair fashion brand SABINNA


Sustainable Fashion, Entrepreneurship, and Greenwashing

Taylor Foreman

Writer & Storyteller


Meditation, Consciousness, Humanity, and Life

Ruth Van Reken

Author of Third Culture Kids, Writer, Consultant, Speaker, and Leader of the Families in Global Transition Conference


Growing Up Across Cultures; a Blessing and a Curse

Elizabeth Tweedale

Founder at Cypher Coders


Entrepreneurship, Motherhood & Why Coding Knowledge is Vital

Jordan Schwarzenberger

Co-founder Arcade Media | Manager of The Sidemen


Why University Isn’t Necessarily the Best Option

Sophie Gray

Founder at Drive Thru


Why She Founded DiveThru and the Importance of Mental Health

Claire Stapley

Freelance Copywriter & Digital Nomad


Valuable Freelancing Advice, Building Your Personal Brand, and Social Media

Gabriela Rosa

World-renowned Fertility Specialist, Author, and Reproductive Health Educator | Founder at Rosa Institute


Hormones, Health, and Fertility

Travis Hawkes

Videographer & Producer 


Launching a Business, Self-awareness, and All Things Entrepreneurship

Theresa Anderson

Vice President of Marketing Communications, and Sales Operations at Bureau Veritas Group


Why Trust Is The Key To Stronger Teams, The Importance of Mentors, and Women in Leadership

Lisa Gautier & Mikaela Larsell Ayesa

Forbes 30 Under 30 | Co-Founders at Hack Your Closet


The Future of Fashion, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship

Anna Demetriou

Actor | Best Known for Playing Princess Helle of Volsung in the Netflix film, Viking Destiny


Acting, Fame, Rejection, Self-Belief, and Side-Jobs

McKenzie Ryan

#1 New York City Power Broker at Douglas Elliman | Former Olympic Gymnast


Developing an Excellence Mindset

Emma-Louise Boynton

Presenter, Producer, and Co-Founder at Her Hustle


Empowering women to create purpose-driven content

Victoria D’Ambrozio

Business and Mindset Coach


Leaving the Corporate Life to Become a Successful TikToker and Business Coach