Laura Bosch is a Freelance Writer, Editor and Podcaster with a background in law and management consulting. Her writing is primarily focused on Business, Startups, The Future of Work, Careers, and Organizational Behavior. She has helped startups globally grow their businesses by communicating their mission, their voice, and their story in a way that attracts, resonates, and keeps their audiences engaged with their brand. 


As co-founder and host of the Thoughts from Limbo Podcast, a show that delves into the nuances of careers and adulthood, she has interviewed award-winning entrepreneurs, authors, Olympic athletes, actors, and business leaders including the gold medalist Olympic athlete, Monica Abbott, Former VP of Twitter, Bruce Daisley, Founder of Vestpod, Emilie Bellet, and Manager of The Sidemen, Jordan Swartzenberger, and the inspirational author Shilpa Raj. 

Her writing has been featured in Fast Company, Start it up, Entrepreneurs’ Handbook, Thought Catalogue, and her Medium blog.